for-Nutrexity-blog-300x225By Don Spenthoff, ContXt VP – I’m constantly amazed by what we can learn from youngsters. When my three young children enjoyed a learning game we developed focusing on the importance of nutrition, exercise and community service – and retained all of the core messages – I knew ContXt Corporation was branching into a product line that could also help adults.

After ProMedica enlisted our help to increase awareness among grade school students about childhood obesity, ContXt Corporation developed Nutrexity, a learning game the healthcare system is rolling out in Toledo-area schools and programs. We packaged ProMedica’s messages into a captivating board game with relevant questions about proper nutrition, adequate exercise and community service, including an anti-bullying theme.

As a result, ContXt Corporation is developing a series of learning games for adults. Games actively engage learners of any age, and they add an element of fun to a workplace. And who doesn’t like to have a little fun when they’re learning a skill or concept?

About Nutrexity

ProMedica’s Nutrexity – which stands for nutrition, exercise and community – can be played by up to six children or six teams and is part of the healthcare system’s mission to improve the health and well-being of the communities it serves. The game can be played by up to six people or six teams, and it comes with card decks suited for two different age groups so questions are appropriate for different reading levels.


Players are taught that there are five important steps for staying healthy: proper nutrition, physical activity for at least an hour a day, no more than two hours of screen time a day, at least nine hours of sleep and helping others.

The object of ProMedica’s learning game is for each player or team to reach all four Healthy HotSpots on the game board. Players complete activities and answer questions to earn card and token points. The winner is whoever has the most points after someone returns to the start/finish space or after a set amount of time.

ProMedica is pleased with Nutrexity and is getting good response from educators.

Learning Collaboration

ContXt Corporation’s first adult learning game will focus on collaboration. Players will work through various scenarios in an office setting as a team, which will help them figure out their strengths and weaknesses.

Unlike most games, there will be no winner. Instead, players will be able to see how well they collaborate and determine areas for improvement. The game will be played for 20 minutes to 30 minutes, and results can be talked about at its conclusion or in the next team meeting.

Do you think your employees would benefit from game-based learning? If so, tell us what type of game you would like to see ContXt develop in the comments below.

Don Spenthoff is vice president of operations at ContXt Corporation, a management consulting firm based in suburban Toledo, Ohio. ContXt helps organizations achieve strategic objectives by translating big concepts – including strategic plans, culture shifts and process changes – into engaging learning experiences. At the end of the day, we help get employees at every level on the same page to achieve strategic objectives. For more information about ContXt, please visit