alignment-300x167By Mike Beier, ContXt CEO – Creating strategic alignment, where every employee understands how their work supports business objectives, can be challenging. Making sure thousands of employees spread across multiple states in a couple of dozen business units understand their corporation’s strategy can appear arduous. Add to the mix an industry facing substantial changes in technology, infrastructure, regulations and more, and the task may seem downright impossible.

ContXt Corporation successfully partnered with a large utility company to engage employees at all levels in understanding its corporate strategy. The company wants to ensure all employees see how they contribute to the vision, strategic objectives and corporate goals of the larger corporation. Also, it is important for all employees to understand how they can best “live” the corporate values in their daily work.

Our first step was to work with the company’s senior leadership so they could visualize the industry’s future and where the corporation is heading. We then developed three types of learning tools – our mainstay Meeting-in-a-Box, an online version of it for virtual small groups and a module employees can use on their own. With such a large and dispersed population, it was important that multiple options were developed to foster use.

E-Learning Solutions

The bulk of the utility’s employees are able to go through our tailored Meeting-in-a-Box learning materials in small-group sessions. Employees go through a dialogue and discussion that focus on:

  • Key elements of change within the industry.
  • The company’s structure and how business units interact.
  • The corporation’s vision for the future.
  • Goals and values to help realize that vision.
  • Personal commitment to support the achievement of the vision and strategic goals.

For employees in far-flung satellite offices and locales, we developed two e-learning solutions that cover the same ground. Those employees either go through a virtual Meeting-in-a-Box online in small groups despite being in different locations or, if necessary, they use a self-guided module. Either way, they are able to learn industry trends and the corporate strategy, as well as the utility’s goals and values.


Corporate Strategy

Trying to get everyone in a corporation on the same page takes multiple approaches, especially when people are spread out both geographically and among business units.

Our goal is to make sure everyone understands the big picture of any topic, such as a corporation’s strategic direction. Engaging employees so they are committed to helping advance that strategy is the ideal end result. With our help, our utility customer is reaching that very outcome.

How does your organization get messages across so everyone is on the same page? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Mike Beier is the founder and chief executive officer of ContXt Corporation, a management consulting firm based in suburban Toledo, Ohio. ContXt helps organizations achieve strategic objectives by translating big concepts – including strategic plans, culture shifts and process changes – into engaging learning experiences. At the end of the day, we help get employees at every level on the same page to achieve strategic objectives. For more information about ContXt, please visit