ContXt Corporation Leverages Line-of-Sight™ to Drive Strategic Alignment

By Mike Beier, ContXt CEO – ContXt Corporation recently partnered with Prana Business to offer the Line-of-Sight™ Approach to help focus our efforts and measure the impact provided our clients.  Line-of-Sight™ supports our work in two specific ways.  Frist, it allows us to assess areas that require greater strategic alignment as we develop customized solutions for our clients.  Second, it gives us a tangible way to measure the real impact from the work we do.  It will provide our clients the ability to obtain a baseline understanding of their current alignment and see how our solutions are creating business impact.  Now we have a tool to conduct a pre, post and ongoing measure of the impact we are creating.  The LOS and our Engagement Map™ experience is the perfect way to create and measure strategic alignment.

The ContXt team will leverage the Line-of-Sight™ Approach of Pulse Check – Action – Pulse Check to help clients understand their organization’s current understanding of and ability to effectively execute on their strategies.  This approach pinpoints strategy misalignments with blazing speed.  Many other strategy execution systems are ridiculously complex, time-consuming, and flat-out expensive.  Frankly, they’re often relics and not useful in today’s accelerated world.

Line-of-Sight™ starts with a 9-minute pulse-check where employees respond to 29 questions.  Their responses then indicate how ready and capable their company or team is to execute strategy.  Hidden vulnerabilities are often revealed in the easy-to-use reports.

Feel free to contact us at or via our Contact Us page and we’ll forward you a free link to the Line-of-Sight™.  There you will be able to explore the 29 questions in detail and uncover areas where greater alignment is needed within your organization.


Mike Beier is the founder and chief executive officer of ContXt Corporation.  ContXt is the source for Strategic and Cultural Alignment, translating new strategies, processes and cultures into engaging learning experiences.  Our Engagement Map™ process facilitates understanding and discovery, creating aligned performance.

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