Our Products

Engagement Map™ Solutions


A visual engagement tool with accompanying dialogue and data that generate alignment and engagement around topics such as company strategy, process, organizational design, a current business model or company culture.

Check out our approach to Strategic Alignment and Cultural Alignment.


Engagement Workshops


Engagement sessions built to align leaders on a strategic topic such as the strategic plan, business model, organization design, process design, culture design, value proposition, customer engagement, process improvement or other essential business topics.


Learning and Development Solutions


Video Animation

productsVideoAnimationThis highly effective video approach is used to drive engagement and retention of a strategic topic. This solution can stand-alone or be part of a broader toolset to support and reinforce change program objectives. Click here to see sample animations.


Visual Captures


ContXt Captures® are visual representations used to communicate a consistent message to employees and customers.  Visual captures make complex ideas like company strategy, processes or a value proposition easy to understand.


Pre- & Post-Alignment Assessments

Designed to provide real-time feedback for leadership on organizational understanding of strategic roles and goals.

Click here to assess your level of strategic alignment.