What We Do

We work with organizations of all sizes and industries. We pride ourselves as business people on bringing expertise to help your organization achieve higher performance.

Our solutions focus on helping you with:

  • Organizational alignment
  • Strategy definition and planning
  • Vision and mission creation and alignment
  • Developing a high performing culture
  • Defining your business model
  • Building your business value proposition
  • Integrating cultures through mergers and acquisitions
  • Organization design
  • Leadership and management effectiveness
  • Change leadership capabilities
  • Process design
  • Learning solutions

Challenges We Help You With

Driving Strategic Alignment through key conversations focused on:

whatwedoCompanyStrategy whatwedoProcessChange whatwedoDeliveringCustomerValue

whatwedoIndustryBigPicture whatwedoCurrentFinancialRealities


Driving Cultural Alignment conversations:

whatwedoCompanyCulture whatwedoLeaderEffectiveness

How We Do It

We Make the Complex Simple

  • When you combine a visual metaphor with small group conversations, employees understand and retain 90% of the message.
  • We help you create alignment and context of your industry, customer value proposition, financial model, business model, and the strategy.
  • By leveraging our unique approach combining visualization and small group conversation, we generate a consistent picture so everyone in your organization understands where you are and where you are going.

We start by meeting you where you are today and using a simple approach:


  • DEFINE — Facilitate clarity and definition of your strategy, customer value proposition, customer experience, organizational culture, process, employee experience and other alignment needs. We recommend a baseline measurement of alignment during this stage.
  • ALIGN — Create an immersive approach to engage each employee and team in a deeper understanding of the competitive landscape, market trends, financial realities and strategy of the organization.
  • SUSTAIN — Develop topic-specific solutions for individuals and leaders that drive sustainable actions and supportive behavior change aligned with the strategy and culture.

Our Results

Ask our customers why 95% of our work is referral or repeat business.

We deliver

  • At a large financial services firm, we aligned the company’s employees with its strategy for engaging clients consistently across all operations in 14 offices in 5 states.
  • For a highly complex satellite company, we created a solution to engage everyone in the organization with leadership’s new strategy, simultaneously integrating a new acquisition, in 45 days.
  • With the nation’s largest construction supplier, we worked to create alignment for the new strategy and culture with 18,000 people, 410 locations across 7 legacy businesses.
  • For one of the nation’s largest public utilities, we created a solution that aligned 18,000+ employees in 11 states with the overall strategy of the company.
  • With a large healthcare system, we built a solution to align our members of Congress, local and state government leaders and the nation’s largest health systems on the severity of hunger and hunger-related illnesses in the country.